Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Challenge: Logan

Over the year I will have two posts about specific friends and my gratitude to them. This post is going to be about my friend Logan. Logan is like a brother to me and I can honestly say I don’t know what I would do in life without him in it. I’ve grown so close to him and his family that his mother is like a mother to me as well and she loves it when I call her “mom”.

I first met Logan a little before I turned 16. I was giving out invites to my Sweet 16 and no one really seemed like they wanted to come. He was very nice to me and offered to come. I barely knew him at the time so I was somewhat hesitant, but after inviting him, him and I became really close. He has since also attended my 17th and 18th birthday parties.

Logan has always been that one friend of mine that has been there for me no matter what. He has seen me at some of my worst moments and was always there to cheer me up or reassure me that God is always there through my situations. He is the kind of friend that is “stuck like glue” through the thick and the thin.

Whether it comes to the hugs, needed or not, to the cat meows, to the weirdness, Logan will always be someone I can count on in my life and I am extremely grateful to know him. Thanks little bro for being there for me!!



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