Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Challenge: The City I Live In

The city I live in, good old Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I live in a very small town in south central Pennsylvania that has a good bit of history to it. Carlisle is a town that was established in 1751, just 25 short years before America gained its independence from Great Britain. We’re mainly known for our car shows, but I’m gonna tell you a little bit more about us than our famous car shows.

Carlisle is home to the nationally recognized grave site for Molly Pitcher(Mary Ludwig Hays), who was known as a heroine during the Revolutionary War. She carried water to the soldiers and eventually took over for her husband during the war when he was no longer able to fight.

We’re also the home of Dickinson College. Although most people who are from this area get irritated with the college kids because they almost never look when crossing the main road in town that goes straight through the campus, Dickinson has some very notable alumni such as Former President James Buchanan and Former US Senator Rick Santorum.

Now, if you ever make a stop in Carlisle, PA you have to try a Hot-Chee dog. There’s a restaurant on the corner of Pitt St. and High St. called the Hamilton. They are famous for this delicious meal. You just have to ask for one though because they are not on the menu. If you plan on stopping in, make sure you bring cash! Cards and checks are not accepted!

Shop The Block is also something you should check out in the area. It’s a group of little small-town shops located on Pomfret St. They consist of jewelry shops, gift shops, and even a country cafe owned by my aunt! She makes great food and all the shops and her cafe have that small-town feel. They are all owned by local people so you don’t have to worry about your money going to some CEO’s pocket!!

Every Wednesday here in town, from 3PM-7PM there is a farmers market set up at the square. There’s dozen’s of booths set up by local farms and bakeries from the south central region. They have things like fruits,vegetables, baked goods, beeswax, BBQ sauces, and even Dickson College’s farm makes pizza right on site!! I’ve been there a few times and everything looks so amazing!!

If you ever make a stop to the Carlisle area, be sure to check these things out. I’m so grateful to be part of a town that has so much going on and has people who work so hard on the simple things that make Carlisle, PA home for me. We’re about 45 minutes west of Harrisburg, PA and about 1 hour and 45 minutes north-west of Baltimore, MD.




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