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Hershey, PA: What This City Means to Me Today

I think it’s about time to share what I always call “My Hershey Story”. What happened always lead to bullying by peers and even has gotten me yelled at by my teachers in elementary school, but it’s a big part of me that I can never change.

On this very day, eighteen years ago, I was born. This was just the beginning. I was born at the original Carlisle hospital in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Carlisle was a small town about forty-five minutes from the city in Pennsylvania known for Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and all the famous Hershey candies.

When I was born, the doctors immediately started to panic. The way I was breathing wasn’t normal and the hospital wasn’t fit to care for me in the way I needed as a newborn with the condition I had. I was rushed to Hershey Medical Center right away. My dad told me I was probably in Hershey before him and my mother even left Carlisle. He said that they had him sign a paper and I was on my way to Hershey.

When I had gotten to Hershey, I was admitted to the NICU. The doctors had found out the I had extra tissue in my trachea that needed to be removed otherwise it would continue to block my airway. I would most likely have died from suffocation if I had not gone to Hershey Medical Center.

I underwent surgery on my trachea to remove some of the tissue. When they had tubes up my nose, I assume for sedation, I often tried to pull them out because I guess they were uncomfortable. I would do this and still look swaddled up, so I earned the nickname Houdini.

I ended up being at Hershey Med. for about a month. I had read somewhere, possibly in my baby book, the I had come home from the hospital on April 26, 1999. I always joked how I was my dad’s birthday present that year because the next day after I got home was his birthday.

Today, I am very thankful for Hershey, PA. I spent my first month of life there and Hershey Medical Center saved my life. I hope you all enjoyed my story. Thank you to everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday. Eighteen years is a big accomplishment given my story.



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