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25 Days of Blogmas: Gift Tracker

This year I decided I wanted to keep track of everything I got as a gift so that way I could write thank you letters to each person and specifically thank them for each thing they bought me.

I bought thank you cards on clearance at Michaels that I thought were simple and perfect that I plan on using when I write my thank you cards. I even found thank you envelope seals in the sticker aisle at Michaels to use to seal them. I already have my own return address labels that I use and plan to those those as well. I ordered them from VistaPrint.

The gift tracker can be downloaded on this page. I printed out a few just because I felt like there wasn’t enough room on one page for everything I’d be getting.

Hope you guys enjoyed hearing how I plan on tracking my gifts and sending out thank you cards. Let me know if you guys use this system as well!!



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