Research Paper Outline

Here’s a little something to help you guys out in the soon-to-be new school year: A Research Paper Outline!! This is the perfect outline and you’ll likely just an A if you use it correctly!! Similar to the Essay Checklist, but more in depth.


Begin with Thesis Statement: In one clear sentence, state the focus of your paper.

Key Points

(Have at least 3, but no more than 5)

  1. State each main point that you’ll be making in the paper
  2. Main Point 2
  3. Main Point 3
  4. Main Point 4
  5. Main Point 5

Body of Paper

Outline the topic sentence and supporting research for each point you’ll be covering in the paper, respectively matching the order in the introduction.

Point 1 – Topic Sentence Idea

  • Research Concept
    • Supporting Idea(s)
    • Connect to Next Concept
  • Research Concept
    • Supporting Idea(s)
    • Connect to Next Concept
  • Research Concept
    • Supporting Ideas(s)
    • Connect to Next Concept

Repeat this Format for Topic Sentences 2, 3, 4, & 5.

After the last point is made and supported, create a transition to summary and conclusion.

Summary Paragraph

Create a key summary sentence that declares a wrap-up of concepts to begin this paragraph.

Follow the summary sentence with clear sentence that summarize the main ideas that have been discussed in the body of your paper.

  • Summary of Point 1
  • Summary of Point 2
  • Summary of Point 3
  • Summary of Point 4
  • Summary of Point 5


Transition to the ending of the paper with your final thoughts in a paragraph.

Reference Page

Write this page in alphabetical order by last name. (See APA and MLA formats online and note examples from Reference sectionc in the back of textbooks. Remember to cite all of your references in the body of your text following a summary concept or quote.)


I hope this helps in the upcoming year!! Do well guys and get them A’s!!!




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