Alphabetize Your Exercise

Today, I’m showing you a fun twist that you can add to your exercise routine. We’re going to alphabetize your exercise. Now you might be wondering “How is it even possible to alphabetize a workout?” Well, I’ll show you.

Below is the alphabet and each letter is assigned a certain number of a certain exercise. You could spell you name, your last name, a friend’s names, inspirational words, or even do the whole alphabet!! It’s the perfect spin on things to get you up and motivated to exercise again. Try it out and comment below if this was fun for you!!

A – 50 Jumping Jacks

B – 20 Crunches

C – 30 Squats

D – 15 Push-Ups

E – 1 Minute Wall Sit

F – 10 Burpees

G – 20 Arms Circles

H – 20 Squats

I – 30 Jumping Jacks

J – 15 Crunches

K – 10 Push-Ups

L – 2 Minute Wall Sit

M – 20 Burpees

N – 25 Burpess

O – 40 Jumping Jacks

P – 15 Arms Circles

Q – 30 Crunches

R – 15 Push-Ups

S – 30 Burpees

T – 15 Squats

U – 30 Arms Circles

V – 3 Minute Wall Sit

W – 20 Burpees

X – 60 Jumping Jacks

Y – 10 Crunches

Z – 20 Push-Ups


Hope you have fun spelling words while you tone that body of yours. Have fun alphabetizing your exercise!!



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